Monday, October 26, 2009

Multiple Fronts

Greetings and Semper Fidelis to all my fellow patriots in internetland.

This will be a short-er post than normal, since it has only been a couple of weeks since my last rant. I am thinking about prepping for my blogtalkradio program coming up this Wednesday. Carl Swensson of RiseUpForAmerica will be a guest on my first one hour program. Try and listen in over your lunch break on Oct. 28th. Carl is a gen-you-wine patriot who has put his money where his mouth is.

Today's blog "multiple fronts" brings to mind the several and disparate theaters of operation in a much larger coordinated battle plan. Maybe we should be thinking in military terms, since we are in a de facto war of ideas. Collectivism versus individual liberties. Which front are you actively engaged in? We should first define who we are at war with and what our goals are. That way we, unlike the fedgov in the ME, will know when we will have won. Of course, the ultimate goal is the restoration of a God blessed, constitutional republic as envisioned, bled for, and established by our founding fathers, may they rest in peace. Now I don't make a claim to be a military strategist, so here are some perceptions from just a common guy.

The fronts are the areas in which we may engage the enemy: 1. We can be an armchair activist, by being in direct communication with our elected representatives. Fax, phone, email to both local and DC offices. This also includes membership in orgs who take the battle to the state houses like Georgia and the Fed houses via Gun Owners of America, 2. We can be a mobile activist who participates in marches, sign wavings, gatherings, and group meetings with our elected reps and in-your-face office visits in force. Lastly we can be a 3. serious defender of the republic and be active and engaged with orgs like your state militia, Alarm & Muster, Oath Keepers, 5th Column Tyranny Response Corp, and in my case the Georgia Militia, and others I am sure.

So, folks. It boils down to the four boxes.

The 1st Amendment guarantees us the first box: the soap box. We have the freedom of speech, assembly and right to redress our government.

The second box defines our rights and obligations to choose our leaders: the ballot box. Should our government fail in it's responsibilities to maintain a balance of power via the three branches, and fall into despotism we have the third box.

The third box: the jury box, by which we the people may exercise our authority to nullify bad and unconstitutional law.

And lastly, the fourth box: the ammo box. I know I don't have to make any arguments about hunting or self-defense to my readers, as they all know the reason our founders placed the right to own and bear arms as number two in the Bill of Rights. It is about fighting tyranny. Used to be the tyrant was a foreigner with designs on territorial conquest. Not anymore. Our oaths say, protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. Well friends, welcome to the latter.

We still have an illegal usurper occupying the White House and implementing a globalist agenda to subvert the will of the American people.

We need to ask ourselves questions.

If not me, who?

If not now, when?

Remember Martin Niemoller. Remember the boiling frog.

It is late.

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