Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3-D Chess

A good friend who recently passed away would frequently remind me that TPTB are playing 3-D chess while the rest of us are playing tic-tac-toe. After some of the revelations we have received since my last blog post, it is clear that the evil we are warring against is wide and deep. The two most informative happening almost as I write.

You may have heard about Dr. A. True Ott recently. He had Joseph Moshe, a dual citizen Israeli bioscientist, on his radio program several weeks ago. Dr. Moshe spilled the beans about the Baxter vaccine, a bioweapon, to be unleashed on the Ukraine. Turns out he was correct, and evidently is such a dangerous man, for a 50 year old in a VW, that the L.A. swat team JBTs has to gas him, use a robot, an armored vehicle, disable his vehicle, and taze him so they could apprehend this grave and dangerous threat on Aug. 13th. Also, we have since learned that two, US operated Ukrainian aircraft, AN-124, flying out of Diego Garcia, were forced down by Indian and Nigerian air force jets. The Indians acted when the aircraft changed it's call sign from civilian to military as it entered Pakastani air space. They turned the bird loose fairly quickly. The Nigerians were not as quick to accede to US demands and so as a consequence, had a pipeline blown up. The aircraft were carrying "waste disposal" systems capable of spraying 45,000 kg in fine mist from nanotubes in the trailing edges of the control surfaces. Can you say "chemtrails" boys and girls? I thought you could.

That by itself would be bad enough, but we also learn that the globalists have been behind the propaganda and misinformation campaign regarding the so-called anthropogenic global warming. It seems that the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climactic Research Center has been exposed as a fraud with manipulated data. God bless the person who acquired this 160MB of emails and reports, 60MB released thus far, to expose this immense fraud. Now that the light has been turned on, we can watch the cucarachas scurry for cover, aka spin the story. Mish Shedlock has an excellent technical analysis, and Denninger does his part in exposing the flawed science here and here.

We must not sit on our hands here. Divine Providence has exposed the plans for a Satanic world government and we must put the rats off the ship now. Strike while the iron is hot. This should put a stop to Copenhagen and Kyoto along with cap & trade. Stop now and contact your congressman and senators to demand a hold be put on all environmental legislation and bureaucratic regulations until this is settled science.

I'll be talking about this on my blogtalkradio program tomorrow, leading into the Thanksgiving holiday. Even with all the evil in the world we have a lot to be thankful for. God is in control, and Jesus sits at his right hand. We know how this all ends, but faith without works is dead.

For evil to succeed only requires good men do nothing.

Semper Fidelis

Monday, October 26, 2009

Multiple Fronts

Greetings and Semper Fidelis to all my fellow patriots in internetland.

This will be a short-er post than normal, since it has only been a couple of weeks since my last rant. I am thinking about prepping for my blogtalkradio program coming up this Wednesday. Carl Swensson of RiseUpForAmerica will be a guest on my first one hour program. Try and listen in over your lunch break on Oct. 28th. Carl is a gen-you-wine patriot who has put his money where his mouth is.

Today's blog "multiple fronts" brings to mind the several and disparate theaters of operation in a much larger coordinated battle plan. Maybe we should be thinking in military terms, since we are in a de facto war of ideas. Collectivism versus individual liberties. Which front are you actively engaged in? We should first define who we are at war with and what our goals are. That way we, unlike the fedgov in the ME, will know when we will have won. Of course, the ultimate goal is the restoration of a God blessed, constitutional republic as envisioned, bled for, and established by our founding fathers, may they rest in peace. Now I don't make a claim to be a military strategist, so here are some perceptions from just a common guy.

The fronts are the areas in which we may engage the enemy: 1. We can be an armchair activist, by being in direct communication with our elected representatives. Fax, phone, email to both local and DC offices. This also includes membership in orgs who take the battle to the state houses like Georgia Carry.org and the Fed houses via Gun Owners of America, 2. We can be a mobile activist who participates in marches, sign wavings, gatherings, and group meetings with our elected reps and in-your-face office visits in force. Lastly we can be a 3. serious defender of the republic and be active and engaged with orgs like your state militia, Alarm & Muster, Oath Keepers, 5th Column Tyranny Response Corp, and in my case the Georgia Militia, and others I am sure.

So, folks. It boils down to the four boxes.

The 1st Amendment guarantees us the first box: the soap box. We have the freedom of speech, assembly and right to redress our government.

The second box defines our rights and obligations to choose our leaders: the ballot box. Should our government fail in it's responsibilities to maintain a balance of power via the three branches, and fall into despotism we have the third box.

The third box: the jury box, by which we the people may exercise our authority to nullify bad and unconstitutional law.

And lastly, the fourth box: the ammo box. I know I don't have to make any arguments about hunting or self-defense to my readers, as they all know the reason our founders placed the right to own and bear arms as number two in the Bill of Rights. It is about fighting tyranny. Used to be the tyrant was a foreigner with designs on territorial conquest. Not anymore. Our oaths say, protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. Well friends, welcome to the latter.

We still have an illegal usurper occupying the White House and implementing a globalist agenda to subvert the will of the American people.

We need to ask ourselves questions.

If not me, who?

If not now, when?

Remember Martin Niemoller. Remember the boiling frog.

It is late.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Are we really free?

Greetings fellow patriots.
I have not posted in a while mainly due to a diffusion of effort and attention. As you all likely know, there is much to be done with only a few hands. How few? Think 3%'ers. Another group growing by leaps and bounds are Alarm & Muster There are many orgs out there fighting the good fight for the Constitution, due process, the rule of law and individual liberty. Find the ones that fit your beliefs, personality and style, and go for it.

This coming Saturday, Oct. 17th, offers a chance to participate in "Can you hear us now?" at locations all across America. Here in Atlanta I will be joining with the Georgia chapter of Alarm & Muster at the CNN center. The US msm has been up to their same old derelict, commie selfs by ignoring big threats to our nation. At least the commie Van Jones stepped down, but we are left with the disgusting reality of some 30 plus czars (tzars?) including the pro-sodomite and founder of GLSEN, Kevin Jennings in the Dept. of Education ( if that is not an oxymoron I don't know what is).

More and more are coming out in opposition to the direct threat to our personal liberties in the form of a tyrannical diktat to take a swine flu shot. I think by now it has been shown that H1N1 is a man made concoction of human, swine and avian dna, whose vaccine was patented in 2008. Odd that wouldn't you say? If I were the developer of the LIVE virus to be injected into millions of sheeple, I would certainly patent the vaccine to protect my profits. Can't patent the virus, that would make it too easy to be caught.

The so-called American Police Force in Montana has been exposed as a fraud and that "Captain" Hilton is an excon. Notwithstanding the fact that posse comitatus explicitly prohibits military ( and by extension their mercenary "contractors" I would expect) from engaging in any kind of civilian law enforcement.

Sat in a ladder stand this weekend hoping for Bambi's grampa to walk by, and instead was treated to a fine display of chemtrails heading from west to east. Given my loc in eastern Georgia, I suspect that the trails were laid down over Atlanta. The wispy tendrils showed that there was a range of molecular weights involved with the heavier ones dispersing faster. I emailed pics to Congressman Tom Price many months ago asking: who is doing this, what are they putting in my breathing air, and for what reason? Guess what? No reply. Recently, some have conflated chemtrails with the swine flu scare. Anything is within the realm of possibility when you are dealing with evil and believe me folks, this whole trumped up, false flag of H1H1 is exactly that. Reminds me of the joke of the guy who had three wives up and die on him: two from poisoning and one from a broken neck. When asked how she broke her neck, he said: she wouldn't swallow the poison. Go ahead and take your poi, er, I mean flu shots, everything will be just fine. just ask the Canucks. Studies are showing that regular flu shots increase the liklihood of contracting the swine flu.

Pray for Orly Taitz, et al, in the drive to unseat the usurper in chief. The longer that unqualified alien sits in office, the greater the damage to our republic and the more screwups to be unscrewed such as all the unconstitutional appointments of his fellow travelers.

Is it time to water the tree of liberty? Quite possibly. Before that happens, I think that secession is the order of the day as explicated in the Declaration. Remember those words?

"We hold these truths to be self evident..... that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the governed that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

The time has come to put an end to the communist style, Constitutional dictatorship which we have allowed to come into existence. All of our elected officials who have failed to uphold their oaths of office are hereby demanded to resign. If they fail to then we may have to resort to one of the boxes. You pick:

Soap box
Ballot box
Jury box
Ammo box.

If not now, when?

If not me, who?

Semper Fidelis

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moral death of the republic

Today is Tuesday August 4 in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2009. The news today includes an announcement from the usurper in chief's office that they are now asking Americans to report on each other. Think of it as a human form of TIA or Carnivore, data mining. Anyone who finds a web site or blog which opposes the unconstitutional power grab to nationalize health care, is to report it to some slimy govt email address. Other news is that the cars dot gov (DONT GO THERE) web site has an agreement screen that once you OK it, you have given ownership of your pc to the fed govt. They can search and copy whatever they want, and if you use VOIP, they can listen in.

Question of the day: how bad can it get?

Those of us who are informed know that we are just getting started. I heard Peter Schiff on his vlog yesterday saying, in reply to those who made the claim: if you think we are out of the recession, ok. But all that means is that we are now going into the depression. The dollar is testing new lows, and gold is climbing the wall of worry as it is called. We should see 1000 FRN gold by the end of August. Remember to buy the dips and hold for the long term. Did you see the article saying that the money supply would be increased by 15 fold? Can you say $30 milk boys and girls? I knew you could. Retirees and those on fixed incomes are about to be sacrificed on the altar of mammon worship. Are you awake yet?

NLE09, National level exercise 09 was last week and the powers that be did a good job of covering it up. There were reports of military vehicles on highways around the nation, not only in FEMA Region VI. Blue helmets seen in a Carolina forest, foreign troops taunting some Americans in the upper mid west. Maybe MN but I don't recall. One more brick in the wall. I don't know about you, but from where I sit, I see that all the plans, preparations, legislation, executive orders, signing statements and ass covering by the low life politicians has been for good reasons. Remember the uproar over the "continuity of government" a while back? The rats in DC will scurry out to their underground bunkers around the nation, and while under martial law, replacement congresspukes were to be appointed and not elected. I think we managed to stop that particularly odious aspect, but all the other pieces are coming together. Nullification of posse comitatus, miltarization of law enforcement, the tyrannical fusion centers, FEMA camps, triple decker rail cars, and of course we all have seen the videos of the acres of large plastic burial vaults. And now we will have Americans reporting on other Americans. When the people will have been finally pushed to the breaking point and then begin to take action, the police state will be prepared for them/us. Martin Niemoller is speaking to us. Can we hear him?

What will it take for Americans to get off their ignorant and lazy asses, and to engage their communist congresspukes? Forced vaccinations? It sure wasn't no knock search warrants, or suspension of habeas corpus. Well the mandatory shots are coming folks. It is past time for each of us to come to grips with the "what if" scenario. We all need to have a rational, well thought out, and purposeful stance for when they come knock on our doors, or round up your children at the govt indoctrination centers, aka skools.

Patriots are banding together. A national org also in Georgia is www.AlarmandMuster.com , a Paul Revere call tree type of org. Fast and accurate information will be crtitical. Who we can trust can be more valuable than what we hold in our hands. A group of patriots who are taking the battle to the belly of the beast are Carl Swensson and Chalice Jackson, of www.riseupforamerica.com and www.patriotsheartnetwork.com respectively. They have hand delivered petitions for redress and criminal complaints of treason by the usurper to select Senators this week, and are still there, hard at it. As Carl points out, for a Senator to receive notice of a criminal charge and not act on it, then he is guilty of misprision, also a crime. These fine folks are doing this out of their own pockets so what are we doing to support them? Go to patriotsheartnetwork and make a donation. We need 1,000 patriots to give 10 FRAUD ( federal reserve accounting unit debt) notes each. Also, www.phnmedia.com for a paypal donation. This needs to happen ASAP. They need funds and prayers. Act on this as soon as you read it.

You may note that yours truly is one of the 5 or 6 complainants listed on Carl's site, so if I end up missing for any length of time, you will have another warning.

Pray for our patriots and be prepared. Find some 10th Amendment governors and back them for office. We in Georgia are blessed to have a genuine man of integrity in the person of Ray McBerry running for the repug nomination. Go to www.georgiafirst.org downloads page and listen to the audio clips if you need to get energized. Then make a donation. Money talks.

Semper Fidelis

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Post Independence Day reflections

Greetings jarheads, squids, zoomies, dog faces, and fellow patriots. I hope your Independence Day celebration was as enjoyable as mine. I didn't catch any local parades or on TV ( which has not been in my home for about a year now) but I did participate in two Tea Parties. The Tea Party at Jim Miller Park in nearby Marietta Georgia, filled up the equestrian center with about 4 to 5 thousand screaming attendees. It was enlightening to see that many people are on the same page for liberty and against the tyranny being foisted upon us by either party on the cesspool on the Potomac. I hope against hope that folks are beginning to wake up the fact that totalitarianism is no respecter of party and that, to quote some politician: There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties. A local neocon, radio, talking head was the emcee, and of course he made all the right arguments against the dimocraps. Of course many in the crowd rose to take the bait but there were many who didn't, like me. This same guy has also said that he favors auditing the Fed because nobody will find anything wrong. Say WHAT? Talk about ignorant or bought off. And these people get paid to regurgitate their statist, misinformation pablum.

Saturday's Tea Party was in downtown Atlanta and had a rousing bunch of speakers including a heavy hitter in the person of Tom DeWeese, President of American Policy Center. Tom educated the crowd on the UN threat of "sustainable" communities and the UN sponsored Agenda 21. Fortunately for America, we have him and others like him countering with Freedom 21.

A friend, Jenny Hodges, held the permit for the party which was to run from 6pm to 9pm. Music started at 4pm and we were ready to rock. The crowd was a bit under subscribed and I found out later that on the msm, word was that the Atlanta Tea Party had been canceled. I heard the local GOP also was putting out disinformation about it likewise being cancelled. Goes to show you the solidarity in the GA GOP, eh? HAH!

A couple of hundred patriots showed up and received a real treat. Jenny is also the campaign manager for Ray McBerry, a genuine man of integrity and a patriot who is running for the republican nomination for governor. If the people still have the power and not the moneyed elite, then there is an excellent chance that Georgia will have a real states' rights Governor in office come 2010. The 10th Amendment will be invoked and the Feds will be sent packing. Though there is no difference between the two parties when it comes to career politicians, McBerry and other independent patriots will have greater success at the ballot box by running as an R. I took a bunch of pics with my vintage Yashica 35mm SLR but the high speed film was too grainy. I may have to bite the bullet and get one of them new fandangled digital ones.

Speaking of constitutionalist patriots, it looks like Texas has one in their governor's race in the person of Debra Medina.

Speaking of voting for the man and not the party, watch this youtube. This guy understands.

As the late Everitt Dirkson used to say about politicians, "when they feel the heat, they will see the light". We need to continue to harass and demand that our elected "representatives" vote according to our wishes: NO on HR2454 cap & trade, YES on HR1207 and S604 audit the fed, NO on S1261 the PASS Act (think REAL ID), NO on HR 193 and S909 the so-called hate crimes bill, NO on HR 2749 food "safety", NO on HR1174 to make FEMA a cabinet position, NO on HR 1966 internet hate speech bill, etc, etc, ad nauseum. I tell ya folks, not paying attention to congress is as risky as not paying attention to your 2 year old. You can not take your eyes off the traitors.

If you noticed, there is a blogtalkradio link on the side bar. I have a weekly Wednesday radio program at 12:30p EST, and you are welcome to listen live, call in, or hear an archived show at your leisure. As here, the rants are about restoring our liberties and the republic which God has so graciously blessed us with.

Semper Fi
God bless


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thinking about what the 4th of July means

Greetings friends:
Managed to stumble through my 3rd blogtalkradio segment today. I think I stubbed my toe but am ready to keep on keeping on. The focus was on some of the differences and similarities between July 1776 and July 2009. Preparation for the show included rereading much of the Declaration along with watching a video on the Principles of '98 by Tom Woods, a Mises Institute scholar. If Jefferson had not been in France when the Articles of Confederation were to be rewriten, but which turned out to be a subversive effort on the part of Hamilton to replace the Articles with a Constitution, we might not be in such bad shape today. Lysander Spooner wrote "The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it." Could it be that the ways in which the black robed oligarchs, aka the Supreme Court, have distorted the original intent with their nuances and penumbras, that there was an intentional design flaw from the git go? Certainly Marbury vs. Madison was, arguably, the death knell of a republican form of government, with the position that the SCOTUS shall interpret what the Constitution says. I might agree that the republic died in 1861 when military troops were turned on American citizens who were exercising their right of self governance.

My guest speaker, Ray McBerry, was late signing in due to demands on his time which are completely understandable. Solid, constitutional, states' rights, patriots are becoming in great demand. We will extend the show from 15 to 30 minutes next Wednesday the 8th, and will provide the listeners with a lot more meat. I discovered Ray during the last gubernatorial election in his challenge to the former D now R gov Sonny Purdue ( lot of that going on: Specter, Deal, ...), and liked what I saw. It was at the same time that I took the red pill and later got on board the Ron Paul train. If we are to take back our nation and restore the republic, it must begin at the local and state levels. We must put patriots in office who understand the founding principles and who know how to fight to reassert our right of local, self governance as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment.

It is with mixed emotions that I look to this weekend's activities. There are so many sleeping sheep out there, it is almost bad enough to say "why even try". I am reminded of the sacrifices that others have made to provide us with this wonderful experiment called the American republic, every time I read things like the closing of the Declaration "... we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor". I am not talking about the mislead patriots who go off to fight and die in unconstitutional police actions, who are to be commended for their belief in "fighting for our freedoms" but whom are mere cannon fodder for the global corpgov. Rather I am wistfully thinking of patriots who were morally justified in fighting a defensive war for liberty and freedom. I recall the Republican debates in South Caroline in which Dr. Ron Paul was asked a question along the lines of "what is the most pressing moral issue facing America today?" Most listeners were, I'm sure, waiting on a reply on race, or homosexual "marriage", or some such group-identity-politics type answer, but the good Dr. Paul went straight to the crux of the issue. He stated that the biggest moral failure was the nation's recent decision to adopt the doctrine of preemptive war which is totally in opposition to the Christian just war theory. In my humble opinion, he nailed it. Given the incredible success of the neocon propaganda machine, the audience and MSM talking heads were seemingly struck deaf and dumb. The cognitive dissonance was palpable. It was as if Dr. Paul were speaking a foreign language. (queue the scene from "The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" where some had to be vigorously shaken awake to save their lives. You sleep you die).

Is this what we have come to? Are we now a bunch of hapless sheep who sit back and do nothing? Are we so inured to the corruption of our nation that we are not able to mentally process pearls of wisdom from Jeffersonian statesmen like Dr. Paul when he lays it in our laps?

This weekend, watch the movie The Matrix, and go online and watch the video based on a Matrix like premise at http://www.deprogram.us/deprogram.php and put on your thinking cap.

Then do some research into the Principles of '98, and the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, which were written by Jefferson and Madison respectively, in response to Adams' Alien And Sedition Act. We have the tools to put the DC leviathan back in it's place but we need folks like McBerry in every state governor's mansion.

Then think USA PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act, the over turning of habeas corpus and posse commitatus act, the fascist nationalization of corporations and industries, $100Trillion debt, NLE 09, a porous southern border, and a Kenyan in the White House and how the Constitution could possibly allow any of this.

Then think. Then act. Having the knowledge is not sufficient. Only acting on it is acceptable.

Semper Fidelis (always faithful)


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You got to show up

Greetings patriots and liberty lovers everywhere. I am finally making the plunge into blogging. Better late than never? Like many, I don't have a lot of time to invest in blogging or on blogtalkradio or in attending tea parties and the like, but I have come to understand that freedom is not free and liberty is not a spectator sport. We can spectate our freedoms being taken away from us daily by the goons on the hill, aka our elected officials on the cesspool by the Potomac.

My hot buttons are in fighting the daily fight with congress in DC and the Georgia statehouse. Politicians are like two year olds: you can not take your eyes off of them for a minute or they will hurt you or themselves, or in our case: our constitutional republic.

We all need to do what we can do. This last presidential election was the first time I ever worked to get a candidate elected and certainly the first time I "max'ed" out in contributions. Of course, my guy was the one described by Judge Andrew Napolitano as the Thomas Jefferson of our time and the champion of the Constitution: Dr. Ron Paul. Likewise, being active and successful in state politics starts by just SHOWING UP.

Will write more later. Gotta hit the road to go see my son.

Semper Fidelis (always faithful)