Thursday, July 9, 2009

Post Independence Day reflections

Greetings jarheads, squids, zoomies, dog faces, and fellow patriots. I hope your Independence Day celebration was as enjoyable as mine. I didn't catch any local parades or on TV ( which has not been in my home for about a year now) but I did participate in two Tea Parties. The Tea Party at Jim Miller Park in nearby Marietta Georgia, filled up the equestrian center with about 4 to 5 thousand screaming attendees. It was enlightening to see that many people are on the same page for liberty and against the tyranny being foisted upon us by either party on the cesspool on the Potomac. I hope against hope that folks are beginning to wake up the fact that totalitarianism is no respecter of party and that, to quote some politician: There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties. A local neocon, radio, talking head was the emcee, and of course he made all the right arguments against the dimocraps. Of course many in the crowd rose to take the bait but there were many who didn't, like me. This same guy has also said that he favors auditing the Fed because nobody will find anything wrong. Say WHAT? Talk about ignorant or bought off. And these people get paid to regurgitate their statist, misinformation pablum.

Saturday's Tea Party was in downtown Atlanta and had a rousing bunch of speakers including a heavy hitter in the person of Tom DeWeese, President of American Policy Center. Tom educated the crowd on the UN threat of "sustainable" communities and the UN sponsored Agenda 21. Fortunately for America, we have him and others like him countering with Freedom 21.

A friend, Jenny Hodges, held the permit for the party which was to run from 6pm to 9pm. Music started at 4pm and we were ready to rock. The crowd was a bit under subscribed and I found out later that on the msm, word was that the Atlanta Tea Party had been canceled. I heard the local GOP also was putting out disinformation about it likewise being cancelled. Goes to show you the solidarity in the GA GOP, eh? HAH!

A couple of hundred patriots showed up and received a real treat. Jenny is also the campaign manager for Ray McBerry, a genuine man of integrity and a patriot who is running for the republican nomination for governor. If the people still have the power and not the moneyed elite, then there is an excellent chance that Georgia will have a real states' rights Governor in office come 2010. The 10th Amendment will be invoked and the Feds will be sent packing. Though there is no difference between the two parties when it comes to career politicians, McBerry and other independent patriots will have greater success at the ballot box by running as an R. I took a bunch of pics with my vintage Yashica 35mm SLR but the high speed film was too grainy. I may have to bite the bullet and get one of them new fandangled digital ones.

Speaking of constitutionalist patriots, it looks like Texas has one in their governor's race in the person of Debra Medina.

Speaking of voting for the man and not the party, watch this youtube. This guy understands.

As the late Everitt Dirkson used to say about politicians, "when they feel the heat, they will see the light". We need to continue to harass and demand that our elected "representatives" vote according to our wishes: NO on HR2454 cap & trade, YES on HR1207 and S604 audit the fed, NO on S1261 the PASS Act (think REAL ID), NO on HR 193 and S909 the so-called hate crimes bill, NO on HR 2749 food "safety", NO on HR1174 to make FEMA a cabinet position, NO on HR 1966 internet hate speech bill, etc, etc, ad nauseum. I tell ya folks, not paying attention to congress is as risky as not paying attention to your 2 year old. You can not take your eyes off the traitors.

If you noticed, there is a blogtalkradio link on the side bar. I have a weekly Wednesday radio program at 12:30p EST, and you are welcome to listen live, call in, or hear an archived show at your leisure. As here, the rants are about restoring our liberties and the republic which God has so graciously blessed us with.

Semper Fi
God bless


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