Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moral death of the republic

Today is Tuesday August 4 in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2009. The news today includes an announcement from the usurper in chief's office that they are now asking Americans to report on each other. Think of it as a human form of TIA or Carnivore, data mining. Anyone who finds a web site or blog which opposes the unconstitutional power grab to nationalize health care, is to report it to some slimy govt email address. Other news is that the cars dot gov (DONT GO THERE) web site has an agreement screen that once you OK it, you have given ownership of your pc to the fed govt. They can search and copy whatever they want, and if you use VOIP, they can listen in.

Question of the day: how bad can it get?

Those of us who are informed know that we are just getting started. I heard Peter Schiff on his vlog yesterday saying, in reply to those who made the claim: if you think we are out of the recession, ok. But all that means is that we are now going into the depression. The dollar is testing new lows, and gold is climbing the wall of worry as it is called. We should see 1000 FRN gold by the end of August. Remember to buy the dips and hold for the long term. Did you see the article saying that the money supply would be increased by 15 fold? Can you say $30 milk boys and girls? I knew you could. Retirees and those on fixed incomes are about to be sacrificed on the altar of mammon worship. Are you awake yet?

NLE09, National level exercise 09 was last week and the powers that be did a good job of covering it up. There were reports of military vehicles on highways around the nation, not only in FEMA Region VI. Blue helmets seen in a Carolina forest, foreign troops taunting some Americans in the upper mid west. Maybe MN but I don't recall. One more brick in the wall. I don't know about you, but from where I sit, I see that all the plans, preparations, legislation, executive orders, signing statements and ass covering by the low life politicians has been for good reasons. Remember the uproar over the "continuity of government" a while back? The rats in DC will scurry out to their underground bunkers around the nation, and while under martial law, replacement congresspukes were to be appointed and not elected. I think we managed to stop that particularly odious aspect, but all the other pieces are coming together. Nullification of posse comitatus, miltarization of law enforcement, the tyrannical fusion centers, FEMA camps, triple decker rail cars, and of course we all have seen the videos of the acres of large plastic burial vaults. And now we will have Americans reporting on other Americans. When the people will have been finally pushed to the breaking point and then begin to take action, the police state will be prepared for them/us. Martin Niemoller is speaking to us. Can we hear him?

What will it take for Americans to get off their ignorant and lazy asses, and to engage their communist congresspukes? Forced vaccinations? It sure wasn't no knock search warrants, or suspension of habeas corpus. Well the mandatory shots are coming folks. It is past time for each of us to come to grips with the "what if" scenario. We all need to have a rational, well thought out, and purposeful stance for when they come knock on our doors, or round up your children at the govt indoctrination centers, aka skools.

Patriots are banding together. A national org also in Georgia is www.AlarmandMuster.com , a Paul Revere call tree type of org. Fast and accurate information will be crtitical. Who we can trust can be more valuable than what we hold in our hands. A group of patriots who are taking the battle to the belly of the beast are Carl Swensson and Chalice Jackson, of www.riseupforamerica.com and www.patriotsheartnetwork.com respectively. They have hand delivered petitions for redress and criminal complaints of treason by the usurper to select Senators this week, and are still there, hard at it. As Carl points out, for a Senator to receive notice of a criminal charge and not act on it, then he is guilty of misprision, also a crime. These fine folks are doing this out of their own pockets so what are we doing to support them? Go to patriotsheartnetwork and make a donation. We need 1,000 patriots to give 10 FRAUD ( federal reserve accounting unit debt) notes each. Also, www.phnmedia.com for a paypal donation. This needs to happen ASAP. They need funds and prayers. Act on this as soon as you read it.

You may note that yours truly is one of the 5 or 6 complainants listed on Carl's site, so if I end up missing for any length of time, you will have another warning.

Pray for our patriots and be prepared. Find some 10th Amendment governors and back them for office. We in Georgia are blessed to have a genuine man of integrity in the person of Ray McBerry running for the repug nomination. Go to www.georgiafirst.org downloads page and listen to the audio clips if you need to get energized. Then make a donation. Money talks.

Semper Fidelis

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