Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3-D Chess

A good friend who recently passed away would frequently remind me that TPTB are playing 3-D chess while the rest of us are playing tic-tac-toe. After some of the revelations we have received since my last blog post, it is clear that the evil we are warring against is wide and deep. The two most informative happening almost as I write.

You may have heard about Dr. A. True Ott recently. He had Joseph Moshe, a dual citizen Israeli bioscientist, on his radio program several weeks ago. Dr. Moshe spilled the beans about the Baxter vaccine, a bioweapon, to be unleashed on the Ukraine. Turns out he was correct, and evidently is such a dangerous man, for a 50 year old in a VW, that the L.A. swat team JBTs has to gas him, use a robot, an armored vehicle, disable his vehicle, and taze him so they could apprehend this grave and dangerous threat on Aug. 13th. Also, we have since learned that two, US operated Ukrainian aircraft, AN-124, flying out of Diego Garcia, were forced down by Indian and Nigerian air force jets. The Indians acted when the aircraft changed it's call sign from civilian to military as it entered Pakastani air space. They turned the bird loose fairly quickly. The Nigerians were not as quick to accede to US demands and so as a consequence, had a pipeline blown up. The aircraft were carrying "waste disposal" systems capable of spraying 45,000 kg in fine mist from nanotubes in the trailing edges of the control surfaces. Can you say "chemtrails" boys and girls? I thought you could.

That by itself would be bad enough, but we also learn that the globalists have been behind the propaganda and misinformation campaign regarding the so-called anthropogenic global warming. It seems that the University of East Anglia's Hadley Climactic Research Center has been exposed as a fraud with manipulated data. God bless the person who acquired this 160MB of emails and reports, 60MB released thus far, to expose this immense fraud. Now that the light has been turned on, we can watch the cucarachas scurry for cover, aka spin the story. Mish Shedlock has an excellent technical analysis, and Denninger does his part in exposing the flawed science here and here.

We must not sit on our hands here. Divine Providence has exposed the plans for a Satanic world government and we must put the rats off the ship now. Strike while the iron is hot. This should put a stop to Copenhagen and Kyoto along with cap & trade. Stop now and contact your congressman and senators to demand a hold be put on all environmental legislation and bureaucratic regulations until this is settled science.

I'll be talking about this on my blogtalkradio program tomorrow, leading into the Thanksgiving holiday. Even with all the evil in the world we have a lot to be thankful for. God is in control, and Jesus sits at his right hand. We know how this all ends, but faith without works is dead.

For evil to succeed only requires good men do nothing.

Semper Fidelis

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