Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thinking about what the 4th of July means

Greetings friends:
Managed to stumble through my 3rd blogtalkradio segment today. I think I stubbed my toe but am ready to keep on keeping on. The focus was on some of the differences and similarities between July 1776 and July 2009. Preparation for the show included rereading much of the Declaration along with watching a video on the Principles of '98 by Tom Woods, a Mises Institute scholar. If Jefferson had not been in France when the Articles of Confederation were to be rewriten, but which turned out to be a subversive effort on the part of Hamilton to replace the Articles with a Constitution, we might not be in such bad shape today. Lysander Spooner wrote "The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it." Could it be that the ways in which the black robed oligarchs, aka the Supreme Court, have distorted the original intent with their nuances and penumbras, that there was an intentional design flaw from the git go? Certainly Marbury vs. Madison was, arguably, the death knell of a republican form of government, with the position that the SCOTUS shall interpret what the Constitution says. I might agree that the republic died in 1861 when military troops were turned on American citizens who were exercising their right of self governance.

My guest speaker, Ray McBerry, was late signing in due to demands on his time which are completely understandable. Solid, constitutional, states' rights, patriots are becoming in great demand. We will extend the show from 15 to 30 minutes next Wednesday the 8th, and will provide the listeners with a lot more meat. I discovered Ray during the last gubernatorial election in his challenge to the former D now R gov Sonny Purdue ( lot of that going on: Specter, Deal, ...), and liked what I saw. It was at the same time that I took the red pill and later got on board the Ron Paul train. If we are to take back our nation and restore the republic, it must begin at the local and state levels. We must put patriots in office who understand the founding principles and who know how to fight to reassert our right of local, self governance as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment.

It is with mixed emotions that I look to this weekend's activities. There are so many sleeping sheep out there, it is almost bad enough to say "why even try". I am reminded of the sacrifices that others have made to provide us with this wonderful experiment called the American republic, every time I read things like the closing of the Declaration "... we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor". I am not talking about the mislead patriots who go off to fight and die in unconstitutional police actions, who are to be commended for their belief in "fighting for our freedoms" but whom are mere cannon fodder for the global corpgov. Rather I am wistfully thinking of patriots who were morally justified in fighting a defensive war for liberty and freedom. I recall the Republican debates in South Caroline in which Dr. Ron Paul was asked a question along the lines of "what is the most pressing moral issue facing America today?" Most listeners were, I'm sure, waiting on a reply on race, or homosexual "marriage", or some such group-identity-politics type answer, but the good Dr. Paul went straight to the crux of the issue. He stated that the biggest moral failure was the nation's recent decision to adopt the doctrine of preemptive war which is totally in opposition to the Christian just war theory. In my humble opinion, he nailed it. Given the incredible success of the neocon propaganda machine, the audience and MSM talking heads were seemingly struck deaf and dumb. The cognitive dissonance was palpable. It was as if Dr. Paul were speaking a foreign language. (queue the scene from "The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" where some had to be vigorously shaken awake to save their lives. You sleep you die).

Is this what we have come to? Are we now a bunch of hapless sheep who sit back and do nothing? Are we so inured to the corruption of our nation that we are not able to mentally process pearls of wisdom from Jeffersonian statesmen like Dr. Paul when he lays it in our laps?

This weekend, watch the movie The Matrix, and go online and watch the video based on a Matrix like premise at and put on your thinking cap.

Then do some research into the Principles of '98, and the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, which were written by Jefferson and Madison respectively, in response to Adams' Alien And Sedition Act. We have the tools to put the DC leviathan back in it's place but we need folks like McBerry in every state governor's mansion.

Then think USA PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act, the over turning of habeas corpus and posse commitatus act, the fascist nationalization of corporations and industries, $100Trillion debt, NLE 09, a porous southern border, and a Kenyan in the White House and how the Constitution could possibly allow any of this.

Then think. Then act. Having the knowledge is not sufficient. Only acting on it is acceptable.

Semper Fidelis (always faithful)


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  1. Wow USMCvet - that is a superb article. Your "stumble" makes me humble.